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About Crystallize



Crystal Moss, owner of the online clothing boutique, Crystallize Boutique is the wife of Elwood Moss (Owner of God's Quality Barber Studio) and mother of 3 beautiful children.  Crystal went to the University of Toledo and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering, now working full time as an Engineer for GE Aviation during the day, but her passion is in fashion.

Crystal started Crystallize Boutique in 2016 with the mission to show women how to be classy and still be beautiful.  Her slogan, "Crystallize into the oneness of yourself", means to take her style and put your twist on it.  Have fun and break rules when you are putting together your style!

Crystal is not only passionate for fashion, but passionate about helping other women.  She has started a movement, "I want for my sister what I want for Myself" to inspire other women and show that we need to support each other instead of being enemies of one another by hosting annual Vision Board Parties.  She believes that true success is achieved when you help others along the way!